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About the show!

Imagine entering the room to find an unusual buzz of anticipation and expectation. The excitement starts well before the show, as much as weeks before! You hear questions circulating. Questions like, “Who’s going to be hypnotized?” “What will they do?” “Can I be hypnotized?”
As the much anticipated show time arrives, the audience learns a bit about hypnosis, and they try a few suggestibility tests from their seats in the audience. And then, the stage is opened for volunteers. You notice right away that CJ has stepped off to the side and immediately you know why...the stage is rushed with volunteers!!! The chairs on stage are filled and the show is on. You hold on for the ride - your best friend is on the stage.

You Watch as CJ guides those on stage through a hypnotic induction. The audience follows along with amazement, and yes, sometimes skepticism, as the volunteers begin to drop their chins to their chest or rest their heads on the shoulder next to them. They try to open their eyes, but cannot -- that is until CJ tells them to. The hilarity begins as the volunteers begin to take CJ’s suggestions. One guy believes he’s the Crocodile Hunter and wrestles with an inflatable pool toy he truly believes is an actual croc! The whole group is transported back in time to the era of disco. They become part of TV shows and movies, complete with body building championships and much, much more. One girl even forgets her own name. This has GOT to be a bunch of bull... but wait!! The girl who forgot her name is your best friend!

C.J. Johnson is one of the most respected college hypnotists in the US with highly reviewed shows at over 400 colleges. Most of his college shows are from repeat clients, hence he does very little marketing these days and relies mostly on repeat business and word of mouth to keep a very full calendar.

When you need a hypnotist for your college, high school or corporate event the first call you need to make is to CJ Johnson Comedy Hypnotist.