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The no-risk factor of this show is only for high schools in Texas - other groups and other states may incur a slight minimum guaranteed fee and travel expenses.

How you ask? Well, we’ll tell you. HYPNOSIS. One of the most popular forms of variety entertainment and it’s EXPLODING on high school and college campus’ throughout the country. C.J. Johnson's Hypnosis Show is appropriate for the entire family to enjoy, though only high school aged and older will be invited to participate on stage.

Take advantage of the popularity of hypnosis and raise some serious money for your group without having to wade around in wet shoes! (Yippee! — It’s not "another" car wash) You’ll have a blast at the show & a great time selling tickets.

You will be bringing an act to campus that students and the community WANT TO SEE! You’ll be doing them a favor while at the same time doing yourselves a favor. Everyone wins!

Please note that C.J.'s NO RISK Fund-raiser is only available in TEXAS.  If you're outside of Texas we may still be able to work with you if we're already in your area with another program, or we can work on a fee basis and provide you with all of our expertise in promoting shows.

What does it take to schedule a show? Call our office to discuss details, dates and to get your FREE Promo Kit and Fundraising book!. We’ll give you some of the basics and then RUSH a full information packet so you can get started on the most fun fund-raiser you’ve ever held.

For More information E-mail us with your name, school name, your position, mailing address and phone number.  We cannot send DVD's without  ALL of this information.

Contact us now and we'll send you a bunch of FREE STUFF so you can make an informed decision.  You'll get a FREE booklet on fund-raising with a Hypnosis Show -- a FREE videotape or DVD so you can see how much fun the show is -- FREE information about the details of the program -- and a FREE carrying case for all of the above items (ok, it's a cardboard box).

So, you’re not the patient type? Want some of the details now. OK, in a nutshell here’s how our program works.

You agree to host a first class hypnosis show (regularly a $1500.00-$2500.00 + value) and we provide you with everything you’ll need to be successful in your fundraising efforts... well almost. You will need to provide a location for the show and you will need to sell tickets to the show. Your ability to sell tickets is what will make it a successful fundraiser. (for details of what you need to provide click here)

We work on a split of the ticket sales, up to 50% of the tickets sold (for details of the split click here) — this way you can’t lose any money. All you can do is profit! Our free booklet and videotape should give you all of the information you can want. If you have additional questions then call us toll free and we'll give you a prompt answer. Our toll free number is:


Once the show is scheduled our job is far from over. We’ll support your activities through awesome printed materials, press releases & campaigns, publicity stunts, and tips on selling the most tickets possible. We can even help with program design so you can sell program ads.

To help you promote the show we will provide you with full color 17 x 24 show posters, color and black and white 8 1/2 x 11 show posters to post around campus, ad slicks in a variety of sizes for publication in local or school newspapers, custom imprinted show tickets, a "how to make more money" booklet to help you maximize on your events profitability, script for you to read over the schools PA during announcements, press releases and anything else we can think of you help you publicize the event.

We can also help you get local media coverage, press releases, sales scripts to approach local business’ for support through placing a program ad (for which they also get tickets to the show) and ideas on how to aggressively market the show. It’s a great learning experience in marketing and public relations, as well as a great show that your friends will thank you for bringing to campus.

Split Schedule What You Provide


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