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The Quick and Easy Guide to Motivating Yourself To STUDY SMARTER - eBook Version

This book is written for the college student, and is also available as an audiobook titled "Motivating Yourself to Study Smarter", which also includes a self-hypnosis session reinforcing the ideas contained in this highly informative and easy to read book.

From the Desk of C.J. Johnson

Dear College Student,

Let's face it, a big part of getting good grades is getting excited about the classes that you're taking, especially those "core classes" that are requirements, but are not necessarily something that you're interested in on a personal level.

Getting excited about THOSE CLASSES is where this book starts. Using quick and easy tools to attach your personal goals to the classes you are taking helps to "reframe" those classes and get you more excited about them.

But that's not where this information stops...

CheckYou'll learn where to study
CheckWhen to study
CheckTime Management Tools
CheckA quick tip to read faster - immediately
CheckThe best physiology for effective studying
CheckWhy we take notes
CheckHow to review your notes
CheckUsing rewards
CheckKnowing when to STOP studying
CheckThe importance of keeping up with your work
CheckWhy all nighters should be avoided
CheckAvoiding distractions
CheckFinding the perfect place to study - and why you're probably doing it wrong!
CheckThe Buddy System
CheckKnowing your outcome helps you plan your study time
CheckGetting organized
CheckAvoiding Anxiety
CheckTips for relaxation
CheckTips to get ahead in school beyond studying

This e-book will take you less than an hour to read. It's 48 pages long and cuts straight through all the BS and gets straight to the techniques that will help you be a leaner, meaner studying machine.


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